America is shifting to a "green culture" where all 300 million citizens are embracing the fact that environmental responsibility is everyone's responsibility.

"To move the green initiative forward, you need to educate the consumer about the benefits of sustainable products," said Matthew Standish, president and founder of Go Green LLC.

"..If all corporations joined the drive to move to a "paperless" society and stored all their information in electronic format as well as keeping all records in electronic format then hundreds of millions more sheets of paper would be conserved each year.

"... all of these practces allow us to reduce the carbon footprint and it involves our customers, giving them the chance to do great things for our planet," Standish said.

"The benefits of sustainability go beyond what's good for the environment. The benefits also include jobs and money for American companies and communities."

Here at OI, we take great pride in our Green Approach to the industry.  Our Web platform for project management is specifically designed to incorporate cutting edge technology and the industry’s best practices to conserve both time and energy. Being "Powered by OI" allows you to minimize the frequency of meetings, cut or eliminate the need for travel, and reduce paper output and redundancy by 50 to 75%.